All pictures: Annie Crossman Photography

A LOVED-up couple posing for romantic photographs on their wedding day were taken aback when the moment was interrupted by police chasing a suspected drug dealer.

Newlyweds Becky and Toby Eyre were enjoying a photoshoot in Hinksey Park, Oxford, when they suddenly had to duck out of the way of a police chase.

The Oxford Times:

Fortunately, the couple, who are now enjoying their honeymoon in Mauritius, saw the funny side – and even let one of the officers swoop in for a photobomb.

Mrs Eyre, 27, who lives with her husband in Headington, said: “We found it hilarious to be honest. 

“It just added an extra level of entertainment.”

Mr Eyre, 35, added: “A wedding day is special anyway – but to have something like this happen was an unexpected and funny story to add to it.”

The pair were married in St Aldate’s Church on Saturday and went to Hinskey Park for the photos at around 3.30pm.

Despite wet weather, the session was going swimmingly, with photographers Annie Crossman and Charlie Tyjas capturing some traditional shots of the happy couple against the natural backdrop of the park.

But after about five minutes, the group were notified that something may be afoot.

Mrs Crossman, based in Bristol, said: “Somebody came up to us and told us we may want to get off the main path because police were chasing a man.

“We hid behind a tree and then saw them come running along, the man first followed by police.

“About four or five minutes after that two police cars came past and officers were shouting ‘congratulations’ out the window as they went by.

“When they had him they came back for some posed photos which was really sweet.”

The Oxford Times:

Mrs Crossman is heavily pregnant and the shoot was her last prior to going on maternity leave. It is, she said, a session that will stick with her.

She continued: “It’s certainly not something that happens every day. I had to make the decision whether to include them or not.

“We usually try to photograph weddings as they happen and keep it authentic so I kept them in. I thought it was annoying at first but then I thought, no, it’s actually quite funny.

“Not everyone can say they had a selfie with the police on their wedding day.

“The couple loved it once we saw there was no danger – and it was a good job to end on.”

Police confirmed a 43-year-old man from South Hinksey and a 36-year-old man from Oxford were arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply Class A drugs in connection with the incident.

Both have been released under investigation.