THE tension; the suspense – everything that photography is great for in one sharp shot.

Oxford Mail Camera Club member Ben Adams has shown his shooting skills as well as this pup's honed hunting instincts.

Mr Adams told the Facebook group that he was actually taking this and the rest of a series of shots he shared in his new role as a photographer for the RSPCA.

The sequence was taken while out on a stroll in Northumberland.

The photos have nothing to do with this week's camera club theme – Far, Far Away – except that, sadly for us, Mr Adams is now far away, having moved from Oxfordshire to Leeds last year.

Luckily for us, he still shares his beautiful photography on the club Facebook page.

As for this week's theme, we've had a pretty wide range of responses from dreamy-eyed chimpanzees (who are far away in a world of their own) to holiday snaps from happier times and warmer climes.

If you have any photos – or want to try taking some – that you think might fit the theme, please share them on the Facebook page in the next few days.

As always, we will have a spread of some of our favourites in Friday's Oxford Mail, and our favourite from the whole week will win a £25 prize in Saturday's paper.