DRIVERS can expect further disruption in Frideswide Square this evening as delayed roadworks continue.

Three-way traffic lights will be switched on from 7pm today at the roundabout outside Oxford railway station, as phase two of Oxfordshire County Council's works commence.

The Oxford Times:

Above: Phase two traffic system. Image from Oxfordshire County Council document

It is hoped this section of the repair works will only take one night, with normal traffic flow resuming at midnight.

If not, the council warned the same system will resume at 7pm tomorrow for a second night. 


- The eastbound bus stop in Frideswide Square will be suspended and replaced by a temporary stop outside Kwik Fit*

- Temporary traffic lights will be installed on Botley Road, westbound exit from the square, and southbound exit from Oxford train station

- Becket Street will be one-way with an anticlockwise system

The seven-week repair project started on February 11, but was held up at the start of March due to weather.

Traffic management for the final two-week phase will should be in place by tomorrow morning, if phase two is completed tonight.


- The westbound bus stop in Frideswide Square will be suspended and all services will stop outside King Charles’ House (opposite Royal Oxford Hotel)*

- There will be no temporary traffic lights

- Becket Street will be one-way with a clockwise system

For full details see the county council's website. 

* Oxford Bus Company has published advice to passengers about alternative bus stops