SATELLITES will be used to monitor pollution in north Oxfordshire.

Birmingham tech firm Geospatial Insight won £124,000 from the UK Space Agency for project.

In a partnership with Cherwell District Council, the firm said its project would lead a team of businesses in the area to show how even small organisations can take actions to help to manage air pollution.

The company explained: "This project addresses how air pollution exposure affects wide swathes of public sector policy and programmes.

"Management and mitigation of adverse air pollution exposure by integrating space-enabled technologies with other public-sector initiatives offers prospects for smarter, more efficient operations, risk reduction and enhanced policy delivery in many key areas, notably healthcare and urban air quality management.

"Geospatial Insight Ltd will lead a team of innovative SMEs to work in partnership with leading public authority stakeholders to demonstrate beneficial disruptive interventions in primary and secondary healthcare provision and urban planning through the management of ambient air pollution."

The project was one of eight to win space agency funding this month.