A ‘DRUNKEN yob’ broke another man’s jaw in two places with a single punch during a drink-fuelled row in a pub.

Leon Newman, 33, of Eastfield Road, Witney was given five months to prove he has turned his life around or else face being sent to prison.

Oxford Crown Court heard how Mr Newman had been drinking in the Elm Tree pub in West End Witney on October, 26, 2017.

He reportedly started to act aggressively towards customers in the pub before unleashing the attack.

He was charged with one count of wound inflicting grievous bodily harm without intent.

Judge Peter Ross said: “You are a man of 33 years of age and you are old enough to know better.

“On the night of these events you showed yourself to be nothing more than a drunken yob who was prepared to be aggressive to your partner and anyone else.

“In an outbreak of violence, no doubt fuelled by drink, you broke a man’s jaw in two places.”

In mitigation the court heard how Newman is soon to be a father again and that he was remorseful and had turned his life around since the incident, including abstaining from drink.

Judge Ross considered the sentence for a long period before deciding to defer it until September.

Newman will be barred from all licensed premises during this period, including bars, clubs and restaurants.

He must also show that he is saving towards £4,000 compensation for his victim and attend ‘building better relationships classes’.

The judge told him: “I hear every day how people are remorseful and have started a new life.

“Let’s see if you actually mean it.

“If you follow all of that, it will be a clear indication you have indeed turned over a new leaf. If that is the case I will pass a suspended sentence.

“If not it will be an immediate imprisonment. You need to know I am watching you.”