BICESTER residents fear another traveller camp could be set up just days after a group moved on from the nearby park and ride.

Earlier this month an encampment of more than 30 caravans left Bicester Park and Ride covered in a sea of litter while a number of bollards at the site were damaged.

The group left of their own accord on Saturday 14.

However, today new pictures of caravans and cars near to the entrance of the Whitelands Farm Sports Centre, just across the road from the park and ride, have been sent to the Oxford Mail.

The Oxford Times:

Residents are concerned the currently small camp could become larger over the coming days.

The Oxford Times:

Oxfordshire County Council said new fencing would be put up at the park and ride by council contractors after the large group of travellers moved on.

It was the second encampment at the Bicester park and ride this year.

Travellers have been setting up home at car parks across the county for several months, including Oxford’s Water Eaton Park and Ride and Redbridge on Abingdon Road.

Councils have collectively had to fork out more than £10,000 in that time for court orders and clean-up operations.