A MULTIMEDIA mum from West Oxfordshire is trying every trick in the book to get into this weekend’s Royal wedding so she can make Prince Harry and Meghan Markle the ‘ultimate wedding video’. 

Andrea McDowell is suffering from such intense Royal wedding fever that ‘Harry’ was one of the first words uttered by her 18-month-old daughter Alice.

With just days to go until the big event, Mrs McDowell is doing all she can to catch the attention of the world’s most famous couple.

The mum-of-three, who runs Witney-based wedding video company Shoot It Yourself, said: “We’ve got a real passion for weddings. We do love the Royals, but more than that we’re just pretty serious about weddings. 

“I want to make them a wedding video that will be better than any of the media reports. I want to make an ultimate, awesome, unofficial wedding video. 

“If you’re Harry or Meghan, so much stuff about the wedding will not be that memorable – a lot of it is so formal. 

“I plan to cut together footage of garden parties and celebrations throughout the UK with what’s going on in Windsor to make the ultimate wedding video – through the eyes of the general public.”

Mrs McDowell, who lives with her family in Long Hanborough, launched her campaign to get a ticket to the wedding on March 1. 

She has form in this field, having camped out on Pall Mall to create an unofficial wedding video for Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

But this time she wants to do one better and get inside the venue: Windsor Castle.

She said: “I think we’re going to get much better content if we’re inside the walls.”

On March 1 she went to Windsor for the day and made some attempts to gain access to the exclusive event. 

She said: “We got shut down for filming in St George’s Chapel, so that was quite embarrassing.”

Despite the odd failure, Mrs McDowell never strayed from her mission. 

The rest of the trip was spent asking anybody available how to get a ticket, including staff at Windsor Castle.

She added: “We literally asked anyone in Windsor but we didn’t really get any good advice. 

“While we were there we also bought loads of souvenirs with their faces on to bestow on them as gifts.”

The journey has not been without its hardship: at one point somebody offered her what looked like a ticket – but it turned out to be a fake.

It has now reached the point where even the most desperate measures are being considered.

Mrs McDowell said: “My nan bears an uncanny resemblance to Queen Elizabeth so we’re thinking of taking her down there and passing her off as the Queen for the day to get in.”

On Monday, the wannabe Royal snapper went to Freeland Primary School where she joined pupils in planting a commemorative tree in honour of the special occasion. 

She is now eagerly hoping that all her efforts will pay off as the day approaches.

She said: “I’ve exhausted all my options and still haven’t got an invitation.” 

l For more information about Mrs McDowell’s video company see shoot-it-yourself.co.uk