An Oxford-based policeman has been sacked from the force after attacking a cyclist with his baton. 

Police constable Adam Scarratt, based at Cowley station, then lied about the incident when providing a statement. 

His actions, which included striking him three times, were deemed to fall 'well below' the standards expected of officers. 

He was fired at a hearing on Wednesday.

Mr Scarratt was on duty on October 4 last year when he attempted to stop a man riding a bicycle along Van Diemen's Lane in Oxford. 

Instead of simply asking the man to stop, Mr Scarratt swore at him. 

When the man did not stop, Mr Scarratt struck him twice with his baton.

The man got off his bike and Mr Scarratt hit him with the baton again. The man stumbled back and fell to the ground. 

Following the incident, Mr Scarratt provided a statement that was 'materially inaccurate and untrue.'

He was dismissed at a misconduct hearing on Wednesday. 

Deputy Chief Constable for Thames Valley Police John Campbell, said: "PC Scarratt's actions fell well below the standard expected of our officers in that he used force completely inappropriately, he then acted dishonestly as he gave an account of the incident that was not true.

"As such he has been dismissed from the force without notice."