GRASS cutting will be re-introduced at a cemetery after complaints that it was allowed to get into a 'disgusting state'.

Didcot Town Council had decided to only cut the pathways at the cemetery in Kynaston Road and to use 'pedestrian mowers' instead of strimmers.

This led to areas around the graves becoming very overgrown which the outdoor services manager Tony Rudge acknowledged had 'upset' many residents and grave owners.

Pam Langley said: "Any graves that are unattended or are not attended regularly are just left with three foot plus, high grass on them.

"When you walk through the cemetery gates the whole area looks neglected.

"It is so disrespectful to those that have been laid to rest there."

She added that people had been left 'upset, angered and appalled.'

Residents had resorted to spending hours tidying around graves and Ms Langley said she had cleaned up three others which were left unattended.

Mr Rudge has promised a return to 'the previous grass cutting regime' from this week in the hope of reducing the number of complaints.

In a report to the council, he said that all grass will now be cut using strimmers including the tops of graves.