AN ELDERLY man who says a ‘jungle-like’ hedge outside his house has blocked the light from his life has been left in the dark about where to go for help.

When Morris Roper, 89, moved into Waddards Meadow in Witney 30 years ago he was given the impression that a hedge viewed from his home would be kept at 7ft.

He told the Oxford Mail that, since then, he has seen the hedge grow to epic proportions.

Mr Roper said he has only seen the 40ft giant trimmed on three occasions.

Part of the problem related to confusion over who was responsible for the hedge, which runs along Church Lane, and Mr Roper had accused councils of passing the buck. However, following contact from the Oxford Mail, Oxfordshire County Council said that arrangements for the hedge to be cut will be made.

Mr Roper said: “I’ve got a stinking headache from contacting everyone about it. It’s like bashing my head off a brick wall everywhere I go.

“People have to duck to avoid it as they walk along the footpath. It gives me a black morning. I get up and sit and have breakfast and look and it’s like a jungle. I expect monkeys to come out.”