AUTHORITIES have once again highlighted the dangers of Oxford’s waterways after a number of people were pictured jumping into rivers during the recent warm weather.

As temperatures soared at the start of this week some people opted to cool down by plunging into the River Cherwell and River Thames.

A number of young people have lost their lives in Oxford’s rivers over recent years and, after initially issuing safety advice during the spring, the Environment Agency (EA) and the fire service have once again highlighted the risks of open water.

The EA offered the following advice:

Don't jump or dive in as the depth may vary and there can be unseen hazards.

Don't go in near weirs, locks, pipes and sluices. These and some other water features are often linked with strong currents.

Rivers can be very cold no matter how warm the weather.

Those going into cold water can get cramp and experience breathing difficulties very quickly

Speaking in April a spokeswoman for the EA urged people not to take 'unnecessary risks while cooling off'.

She added: “Water can contain hazards, particularly in and around structures such as bridges, locks and flood channels.

“Unexpectedly cold waters or strong currents can also catch people off guard."

In 2016 student Ellis Downes, 16, drowned while swimming in the River Thames near Abindgon, despite friends risking their own lives to save him.

A year earlier, 13-year-old Aown Dogar died after falling into the River Thames at Weirs Lane, near Donnington Bridge.

In May 2012 Hussain Mohammed, died almost in the same spot after being jumping in the river.

And in 2006, 15-year-old Hassan Hussain drowned in the River Cherwell.

Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service station manager Chris Barber urged young people not to swim at unsupervised sites.

He said: “At unsupervised sites the water will be much colder than you might expect and can often be very deep and can contain underwater snags that you can’t see.

“If you do see someone getting into difficulties, dial 999, shout for help and try and throw something that floats to them - do not enter the water yourself.”

Some of those jumping into the river were pictured wearing university caps and gowns, however, Oxford University declined to comment.