A MAN was held at knifepoint and driven to a cash machine by three men who asked him for directions.

The 39-year-old was approached by the men - believed to be in a black Vauxhall Astra - while walking along Iffley Road between 12am and 1am on Tuesday morning.

After starting to give directions to Oxford city centre he was threatened with a large knife and bundled into the car at the junction with Chester Street, police said.

One of the offenders then took his phone and bank card leaving the victim inside with the other two, who were still threatening him with the knife.

An hour later the two offenders drove him to pick up the third man at the Iffley Road shops before the victim was forced to direct them to a Barclay's cashpoint and withdraw money.

Once he used the Templars Square cash machine his card was swallowed and the three men fled.

DC Isaac van den Eshof, from Oxford Investigation Hub, said: "This is a concerning incident, we are carrying out a thorough investigation and following a number of lines of enquiry to gather further information."

The first man is described as being of a Mediterranean origin, around 19 to 20-years-old, of a medium build and 5ft 10ins tall.

He had brown hair of medium length which was brushed forward, and was wearing a black jacket over a pale coloured jumper, dark jeans and brown shoes.

The second man was of an Asian origin with a dark skinned complexion and aged in his late thirties with a stocky build and around 5ft 11ins tall.

He was wearing a dark blue jumper with a pattern on the front, and spoke with a Birmingham accent and wore a gold watch.

The third offender is also described as having an Asian complexion and around 6ft 2ins tall, and aged in his twenties.

He had sandy black hair which was shaved at the back and sides, with purple colouring at the front. He was dressed in blue tracksuit bottoms and a grey long sleeved t-shirt. He spoke in a northern accent.