THE King’s Centre has become the official examination venue for Oxford Brookes University.

All standard written exams now take place at the conference venue in Osney Mead, West Oxford, the largest in the city.

The first exam took place recently with the centre hosting up to 1,600 students per day and 13,000 across two weeks.

The Thames Hall, which seats up to 1,000, and the Cotswold Hall up to 850 were turned into examination halls for hundreds of students.

Michelle Fernandez, General Manager of the King’s Centre, Oxford, said: “Our venue works for examinations, as we have a variety of sized rooms, the required furniture, quite spaces for preparation, very fast and high demand wi-fi and great catering. Equally it’s quiet, designed to handle large numbers of visitors and easy to get to from the city centre.

“We are proud to have partnered with Oxford Brookes University and are enjoying hosting the students and university staff.”

John Kirk, Academic Registrar and Director of Academic and Student Affairs at Oxford Brookes University said: “Moving all written exams to a single location ensures for greater predictability for our students.

“This is particularly important in helping to ensure they fulfil their academic potential. It has also allowed us to reduce the number of evening exam sessions which is something students have told us is preferable.

“Partnering with the King’s Centre allows the university to keep campus spaces, such as the Sports Centre, open.”