YOUNG vandals have been filmed battering a bike in south Oxford.

A bystander filmed the incident, which lasted for around 10 minutes in the Rose Hill estate on Saturday afternoon. 

The video shows the two youngsters - who appear to be teenage boys - kicking the bike and striking it multiple times with sticks and what appears to be a part of the bike that has been broken off. 

It reportedly took place just outside the Turna Shop, between the Oval and Desborough Crescent.

Another video which has emerged, not being published by the Oxford Mail for legal reasons, shows a female friend hand one of the perpetrators what appears to be a phone charger. 

The Oxford Times:

Pictures of the bike show damage to the frame, wheel and rear mudguard. 

The onlooker, who has requested to be named only as Adrian K, said: "It made me very deeply sad, but also furious and I am quite determined to bring those two individuals to justice.

"I’ve already reported this to the Police and I sent an email to OFO. the Police got back to me saying that they had spoken with Ofo and won't investigate this issue because the bike was only worth £80... I find this very disconcerting and to me it means that similar behaviours get legitimised.

"I did shout, but they didn’t react and were happy to continue."

The Oxford Times: