PARENTS have hit out over a 'dangerous' crossing, after a boy was hit by a driver who 'ran a red light'.

They say that another accident is likely to happen, and worry that this time it will be with fatal consequences.

A bridge was originally meant to be built, but was later scrapped in the final plans.

It comes after the Oxford Mail reported on the Thames Valley Police appeal for witnesses to an incident where a 13-year-old boy was left with a broken hand, after a collision where a driver failed to stop.

The incident happened on the 50mph A40 Northern Bypass, as the junction with Barton Park.

One commenter on the story wrote: "People said there will be accidents there.

"There's bound to be deaths as well. It's dangerous. They should have built a pedestrian bridge over the bypass."

The Oxford Times:

Another reader added: "Of course, the root cause is that drivers just don’t expect a pedestrian crossing on a straight, fast dual carriageway and there are a minority of drivers who will chance it, no matter what you do. The whole design isn’t fit for purpose.”

In the plans, approved in 2015, developers wrote that despite the dual carriage way on the south of the site presenting noise, it also provides good connectivity with bus links.

Georgina Gibbs, part of the Northway Residents Association, said: “You can’t risk peoples lives for bus access.

“People won’t stop at the crossing, we’ve tried to cross the road as residents and people don’t stop. They can’t make the road safe.

“Children play football on the playpark on Foxwell Drive. What if the football goes into the road? They’re risking the lives of children and the children are in danger. They will die.”

She added: “More recently a boy escaped his life and it proves that you can’t make people stop. It’s not that they don’t want to stop, it’s that they can’t quickly at 50mph – and people die from cars going at 30mph.”

A bridge was originally planned for the 237-home estate but this was scrapped when plans were developed.

Nick Fell, also a member of the group, said: “A bridge would have made it safer, but we don’t want more traffic coming into the area anyway.”

Grosvenor, the developer of the estate– who also planned the access routes – refused to comment on the satisfaction with the pedestrian access.

Police are still appealing for witnesses to the incident, that happened on September 23.