AS THE nights draw in and temperatures fall, vibrant sparkling explosions have added a splash of colour to Oxfordshire's skies this week.

With fireworks displays throughout the county, from Oxford's South Park to Didcot Town FC's grounds, we set Camera Club the challenge of sending in their best Bonfire Night images.

The impressive entries featured fantastic firework shots, with long exposure used to capture rainbow patterns in the night sky, as well as families bundled up enjoying the sparkling spectacles as they keep warm by the bonfire.

We enjoyed Roy Pyniger's unusual close-up snap of bonfire flames at The Plough in Wolvercote for conveying the intensity of the heat.

Two of our most spectacular shots of fireworks displays came from further afield.

A purple and pink showcase over the East River in New York was captured by Derek Bird (a slight bending of the theme but too stunning to ignore) and Anthony Morris snapped a multi-coloured display lighting up Bournemouth's skies.

Back in Oxfordshire, meanwhile, we particularly liked Peter Greenway's image of crowds watching the Bicester Round Table fireworks display at Pingle Field, with the child perched on shoulders to get a better view grounding the shot.

There was also a unique take on fireworks by Kim Benson who used focus pull technique to transform a display at King’s Sutton, Northamptonshire, into art.

By changing the focus during a shot he has created a more blurred effect which makes the light display resemble.

Finally, no Bonfire Night would be complete without a sparkler or two and Camera Club members did not disappoint.

We loved Allen Dannfald's snap of the look of awe on a youngster's face at the bright object. The light from the sparkler perfectly picking out the expression of delight as they wave the stick.

Another child enjoying the popular hand-held firework was Ann Faulkner’s granddaughter who was all smiles as she held two.

After the ghoulish goings-on and fizzing fireworks of recent weeks, our next theme will be a little more solemn - 'Remembering'.

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