A CONMAN who 'traumatised' his victim by tricking her into a car sales scam has been jailed for more than two years.

Gary Sheehy swindled £40,101 from his victim by pretending he could get her discounted cars, having befriended her using a fake name at White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre in Abingdon. 

After his victim became suspicious he fabricated fake excuses designed to guilt-trip her, including that he had cancer and that his dad had died.

The 54-year-old, of Newfield Cottages in Eynsham, was sentenced for fraud at Oxford Crown Court yesterday, having pleaded guilty to three counts.

Detective Constable Samantha Hall, based at Witney police station, said: "Sheehy is a callous individual who gained the victim’s trust and convinced her to hand over a significant amount of money.

"The lies he told in this case were shameful and he has shown no remorse.

"This whole ordeal has been really traumatic for the victim.

"She put her trust in Sheehy and was exhausted by his lies and deceit leading up to reporting the incident to the police."

DC Hall noted it had taken Sheehy, who was imprisoned for two years and one month, more than two years to face justice.

Sheehy met his victim, a 49-year-old woman, at the leisure centre in December 2014 and introduced himself as Gary Webb.

He then made an effort to be at the leisure centre at the same times as she was, and told her he worked with fleet vehicles and could get her a car at a discounted price.

He agreed to find the victim a vehicle and eventually told her he had found one.

He also talked with her about investing money in Mini Coopers, and claimed he could get six at a discounted price.

Sheehy said he already had buyers for the Minis but needed someone to invest £10,000 to make a £15,000 profit.

Between December 2014 and January 2015, the victim paid Sheehy a total of £40,101.47.

This included money for the Minis, her own vehicle and another vehicle for her son.

Sheehy then told the victim that he had picked up her vehicle but that delivery would be delayed.

When she repeatedly chased him for it, he eventually told her that he had sold it, but failed to pay her back the money.

He then told her his father had died, and that he was due to inherit a large sum of money.

Police investigation revealed that his father was still alive.

He also told his victim that he had was having treatment for cancer, even going as far as getting her to take him to hospital for an 'appointment'.

The investigation revealed he never had treatment for cancer.

In October 2015, after he still had not paid back any of the money, the victim reported Sheehy to the police.

He was charged on August 7, 2016.