THE CHANCES of heavy snowfall across Oxfordshire tonight have been lowered by the Met Office but more is now expected later in the week.

A yellow weather warning for snow and ice still covers the county from 9pm but a forecast for Oxford shows only light snow showers are currently expected across much of the county.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE - Thursday and Friday snow forecast in detail 


The Oxford Times:

Met Office forecast for Tuesday, January 29, as shown yesterday, right, and left, updated this morning.

Forecasters originally predicted Oxford would see sleet showers from about 8pm, which would turn to snow as temperatures fell.

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The Met Office now says it expects sleet showers from around 5pm, turning to light snow by 7pm.

And the worst of the snowfall is expected at some point on Thursday.

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The main concern for the next 24 hours is now over ice, with the warning stating: "There is a chance of injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces [and] that untreated pavements and cycle paths become impassable because of black ice."

The Met Office says there is likely to be up to 3cm of snow in parts of the warning area and as much as 10cm at higher ground though Oxfordshire will likely miss the majority of the snowfall.

Although Oxfordshire is set to avoid disruption today and tomorrow, there is more snow expected overnight on Thursday.

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The Oxford Times:

Met Office forecast for Oxford on Thursday, January 31

Last week Oxfordshire saw the first heavy snowfall of the year, although most of it did not settle.

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Many schools in the county have been reminding parents to check their websites and Oxfordshire County Council's school closures page online, in case of snow days in the coming weeks.