DRIVERS in one Oxfordshire postcode are among the worst in the country for picking up penalty points.

Licence holders in OX49 were ranked 13th of 2,756 postcodes analysed in the UK as part of a new study identifying where the worst offending drivers live.

In the area, which covers Watlington, Lewknor and Britwell Salome, 11.8 per cent of all drivers have at least one point on their licence.

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It was the only Oxfordshire postcode to feature in the top 20 list put together by Regtransfers, using figures from the Department of Transport.

At 37th, OX20, which covers Woodstock, was the second worst offending Oxfordshire postcode with 11.1 per cent of drivers there having points.

As a city as a whole, Oxford was ranked 44th overall with 7 per cent of all drivers picking up points.

The personal number plates company said road standards, the quality of driver education and degree of law enforcement could all play a part.