IF you’re on the hunt for a bike, but don’t want to splash the cash, eBay might be one of the first places to look.

But, it’s unlikely you’d expect your new steal to come straight from Thames Valley Police.

In an effort to get rid of some of the items seized from criminals, or collected through investigations, the force uses the site to flog a variety of goods.

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In fact, this week there are 24 weird and wacky things up for sale at a fraction of the retail price.

The lots include eight bikes – one without a wheel, a 10-pack of grip hand gloves, a job lot of make-up and a questionable supply of hammers.

All of the things listed on their page, which has racked up 10803 followers, are sold in bidding wars at the bargain price of 99p.

Despite everything being flogged off for a fraction of the retail price, it is all legitimate.

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The only catch – winners have to collect the goods in person within two-weeks from Milton Keynes.

Here’s what’s up for sale this week (prices correct at time of writing):

• Large job lot of hand tools (£2.20) which is made up of 40 tools including 30 hammers and a couple of mallets and spades.

• War medals and coins (£26) made up of a crown coin from 1981, Reading Regatta medals, a star medal from 1939, and a star medal from Africa, Italy, Britain and New Zealand.

• One of the more practical lots titled ‘Various household items’ currently going for £8.50 and made up of wrench, screws, rope and a brush.

• A 10 pack of XL grip blue gloves which is going for £10.

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• A bundle of 30 lipsticks and mascaras from L’Oréal (£32)

• Another bundle of 32 foundation pots – which are in different shades, and mascaras (£36)

• A 32-piece set of Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour (£35)

• Two pairs of size 5 shoes from Hotter one pink and one blue, going for 99p.

• A brown coat from Timberland for 99p.

• A red women’s blazer for 99p.

• A BT telephone and portable radio from BT for £36

• A blue wheeled Blank Ammo BMX (£6)

• A white spotted black Vertigo Freestyler BMX (£2)

•A mountain bike (£200)

• A black BMX with a rusted chain (£7)

• Decathlon Mountain Bike - Silver (£7)

• Another mountain bike without a wheel (99p)

• Rose Mountain Bike (£6)

• A white mountain bike (£10)

All property which is handed in to the front counters or evidenced seized during investigations are booked in and held in the Evidence Management Unit at the recent station whilst the investigation is going on.

When nobody claims the goods, or returning it isn’t an option, TVP HQ staff make the decision to destroy it, bin it, donate it or auction it off.

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And all the money heads in the direction of the Police Property Act Fund.

That’s a grant which is divvied out to community groups who make a difference across Thames Valley.

To bag a deal visit Ebay.co.uk/usr/thamesvalleypolice

Have you ever bid or bought anything from the site? Let us know by emailing fway@nqo.com