THE bedroom, kitchen and even cinema antics of Oxford residents have been laid bare in a revealing insight into people's sex lives.

Plenty of people in the city are regularly getting down and dirty, with 52 per cent having sex at least once a week, according to the study by Paddy Power Games.

Many got lucky in unusual environments, with a whopping 43 per cent admitting that they had done the deed in a vehicle.

And while no respondents could boast about getting lucky every day, four per cent admitted to sealing the deal on a first date.

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Despite those adventurous experiences, the city was eighth bottom on the list of places in the UK getting the most action.

This may be down to the fact that seven per cent of people revealed they had sex only once a year. 

A spokesman for Paddy Power said: “There must be something in the air in Oxford with 52 per cent managing to get lucky at least once a week but you have to feel for the seven per cent who are only getting it once a year."

Among the eyebrow-raising figures was the statistic showing 39 per cent of people had tried getting down in a kitchen or bathroom.

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Meanwhile, more than one quarter of respondents have done the deed on the beach, while 22 per cent had used a private park to do the business - with four per cent using the cinema. 

Residents also opened up on their favourite sex positions, with 39 per cent of people choosing missionary.

A distant second was 'doggy' with 22 per cent, bucking the UK trend.

The stats:

  • How often are people from Oxford having sex?

Every day - 0%

Four times a week - 11%

Three times a week - 11%

Twice a week - 19%

Once a week - 11%

Twice a month - 15%

Once a month - 7%

Once every 3 months - 4%

Once every 6 months - 0%

Once a year - 7%

  • Bottom 10 UK cities for having sex at least once a week

Chelmsford - 41%

Belfast - 44%

Cardiff - 44%

Edinburgh - 45%

Coventry - 47%

Cambridge - 48%

York - 51%

Oxford - 52%

Glasgow - 52%

Newcastle - 55%

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  • After how many dates do people from Oxford sleep with a new partner?

First date - 4%

Second date - 13%

Third date - 13%

Fourth date - 17%

Five dates or more - 43%

Prefer not to say - 9%

  • Oxford's most popular sex position

Missionary - 39%

Doggy - 22%

Cowgirl - 17%

Spooning - 9%

Reverse Cowgirl - 0%

Other - 0%

  • Where people from Oxford get lucky (excluding bedroom)

Kitchen - 39%

Bathroom/toilet - 39%

Car/vehicle - 43%

Public park - 22%

Beach - 26%

Changing room - 22%

Work - 22%

Other - 22%

Swimming pool - 9%

Cinema - 4%

School/university - 4%

Prefer not to say - 9%