A BEGGAR found to be using 'aggressive' tactics in a town centre has been fined by police.

The man was issued with the penalty notice in Banbury yesterday, under powers police have from the controversial PSPO - public spaces protection order.

He was given a ticket in Parson's Street and police urged people to 'always donate to a reputable charity' rather than give money to people on the streets.

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PSPOs can be created by local authorities to prohibit specific behaviours in certain places.

They have been criticised by campaigners, who claim they give authorities too much power to make up their own laws.

Cherwell District Council's PSPO covering Banbury town centre bans the consumption of alcohol in certain areas, rough sleeping and begging.

A fixed penalty notice of £100 can be issued to anyone in breach of the order, which reduces to £50 if paid within seven days.

Oxford City Council also introduced a PSPO in February 2016, until it expired in January.

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It outlawed eight activities including 'aggressive begging', using public toilets ‘inappropriately’ and drinking alcohol.

The council has said it will not decide until the autumn whether or not to reinstate the contentious powers, which opponents have said could ‘criminalise’ rough sleepers.

During the period the PSPO was in force, just five £100 fixed penalty notices were given out in the city centre in 1,064 days.