COTSWOLD Wildlife Park is highlighting the plight of the most endangered lemurs on the planet this week.

The park's annual 'Lemur Week', which starts today and runs until next Sunday, aims to raise awareness and funds for various conservation projects.

Over the next nine days, visitors will be able to learn more about the fascinating primates by taking part in a variety of lemur-themed activities.

People can also enjoy daily keeper talks inside an interactive lemur walk-through exhibit, named Madagascar.

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The park, near Burford, funds a lemur site on the island, off the east coast of Africa, and participates in projects with the Cotswold Wildlife Park Conservation Trust.

Curator of the park, Jamie Craig, said: “Lemur species in Madagascar are under tremendous pressure from habitat destruction and the rapidly rising human population.

"It is vital that we raise awareness for this unique group of primates before it is too late."

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Two conservation projects are for the Crowned Sifaka and Greater Bamboo Lemur, which are both kept at the venue.

Mr Craig added: "We are extremely privileged to keep both of these species at the Park - they are extremely rare in captivity and they are fantastic ambassadors for our fundraising efforts”.

Greater Bamboo Lemurs are described by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as the most endangered lemur in Madagascar and one of the top five endangered primates in the world.

'Lemur Week' runs until June 2.