A PAIR of drunken thugs who carried out a 'disgusting' pub attack which saw one man repeatedly smashed in the head with a pint glass, have been jailed.

Jason Tripp, 30, of Larkhill Road, Abingdon, and Luke Berry, 31, of Taylor Close, Faringdon, appeared for sentencing at Oxford Crown Court yesterday.

Tripp had been convicted after trial of wounding with intent and threatening to damage or destroy property but admitted assault.

Berry admitted affray for his part in the night of violence which took place at pubs across Abingdon on January 20 last year.

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Sentencing the two men presiding Judge Ian Pringle QC said: "Your behaviour that night was utterly, utterly appalling and I think you both realise it."

Outlining events prosecutors said that Tripp had rowed with his partner that night and decided to go out to a number of pubs in Abingdon together with his friend Berry.

Tripp's first act of aggression happened at the Boundary House pub, Oxford Road, where he and his friend were both asked to leave.

Instead he threatened the assistant manager of the pub saying he would 'burn down her house' and that he 'knew where she lived'.

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Not long after Tripp and Berry went to the College Oak pub, Peachcroft Road, and were again asked to leave.

A 'huge' pub brawl broke out and during that fight the second victim - Lee Sheridan - was repeatedly hit in the head with a San Miguel glass.

Describing the violence during the trial last month he said that 'blood was pouring into both eyes' and that he was struck up to four times with the glass.

During the fight Berry also threw a terracotta ashtray at the bar which then shattered.

Berry admitted his role in the violence but Tripp went to trial and was unanimously convicted by a jury of all counts he faced.

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Both men also have numerous previous convictions and Judge Pringle called Berry's record of 58 offences 'shocking'.

In mitigation at yesterday's sentencing hearing Jake Taylor - who represented both men at court - said that each had struggled with their own alcohol problems.

Referring to Tripp he said: "The people who are going to suffer most from the substantial prison sentence that Tripp is going to receive today are his family and his children."

He added that the injury received from the glassing was not as serious as it could have been in the context of the offence.

Speaking of Berry he said that his client had taken steps to combat his alcoholism and was in gainful employment.

Sentencing Judge Ian Pringle QC said he would be 'failing in his duty' were he not to order an immediate prison sentence.

Tripp was jailed a total of seven years and six months and Berry for 15 months.