A SHOP which has served Blackbird Leys for almost 50 years has been given a £140,000 makeover.

Delteys Supermarket has a completely new look after Manoj Rajgor, who bought it with partner Bhavesh Patel a year ago.

Mr Rajgor confidently predicts the shop’s current £45,000 a week turnover will increase by 25 per cent thanks to the makeover.

Delteys, which employs 14 staff, dates back to 1963 when it was started by Al Tidd.

It became one of the original members of the Nisa store network in 1978 and in 1983 Mr Tidd’s son Robert continued as owner. In 1998, it was taken over by Paul Whitman who continues to manage the store.

Mr Whitman said: “The store serves a wide area stretching to Garsington and Cowley. Manoj and Bhavesh have been members of Nisa for 20 years and are very interested in the future of the estate.”

Pictured with Mr Whitman (centre) are Bahvesh Patel (left) and Manoj Rajgor (right).