TWO Oxford University researchers have been given nearly £180,000 for their work on ovarian cancer research.

Target Ovarian Cancer is presenting Dr Ahmed Ashour Ahmed and Prof Stefan Knapp with £179,997 for their research proposal.

It will investigate whether inhibiting certain enzymes can make ovarian cancer patients more sensitive to a certain kind of chemotherapy, increasing their likelihood of survival.

Only three projects nationwide are set to receive a grant from the charity’s medical research programme.

Dr Ahmed said: “We are delighted to receive this valuable research support from target Ovarian Cancer.

“This funding will allow us to build on our work in this field to develop new therapies.”

Twelve women in the UK die as a result of ovarian cancer each day.

This is the only dedicated funding currently available to ovarian cancer researchers.

The grant is for a three-year project.

Target Ovarian Cancer’s chief executive Annwen Jones said: “We believe that this research project has real potential to be of significant benefit to women with ovarian cancer and look forward to seeing how it develops.”