Sir - The countryside between Abingdon and the River Thames should be the glorious setting of the town. In fact, as a result of more than half a century of gravel-quarrying, ash-dumping and landfilling, much of it is now badly scarred. Parts are a barren post-industrial wasteland. What we need now is a long-term plan to put that right.

The campaign to save Thrupp Lake has shown just how much local people value this whole area. It offers peace, tranquillity and beauty just a few minutes from the edge of urban Abingdon. The area is also extremely rich in wildlife - indeed, much of it is designated as a County Wildlife Site. It is also part of the floodplain, with a vital role to play in protecting Abingdon from future floods.

Last week, RWE npower announced that its plan to fill Thrupp Lake with ash is being put on hold - possibly indefinitely. That is an important signal that the time is now right to start looking at the long-term future of the whole area. A comprehensive management plan needs to be drawn up. It will take many years to return the area to countryside, so the sooner we start planning for this, the better. Over the past three years, our members have studied the Radley Lakes and their surroundings in considerable detail. We now have a huge body of knowledge about the area, especially its wildlife, which shows just how ecologically valuable the area is.

We have a tremendous team. We have substantial scientific and technical expertise available to us, and a huge amount of energy and commitment. The Radley Lakes campaign has shown just how much local people can achieve when they act together. Now, we would like to direct our efforts to helping secure the proper restoration of the whole area.

Dr Basil Crowley, Chairman, Save Radley Lakes, Radley