Sir - Your issue of February 29 reports on an exciting scheme to widen the use of the beautiful church of St John the Evangelist, Fernham.

Sadly, Neil Sutherland of "Project Inspire" seems anxious only to belittle the role of this building as a place of worship both in the past and in the present.

Among other ideas he would like the building to be known as Fernham Hall; however, as it will continue, in his words to "stage" church services, it must presumably remain a consecrated building, so that, call it what he may, it will still be 'a church'.

If the sight of an altar makes Mr Sutherland feel he has "religion shoved in his face", I can only wonder how he manages to move around the Vale of White Horse, adorned as it is with jewels of church architecture; perhaps he shuts his eyes as he passes through each village? Thankfully, the parish churches of Britain will be standing, silent and dignified witnesses to the faith and skill of those who built them, long after Mr Sutherland's thoughtless and offensive remarks have been forgotten.

S. J. M. Cobham (Mrs) Wantage