Sir - What a wonderful idea to remove the pews from Fernham church, so that it can be used as a community building, with the altar hidden away, "so that people who come to watch a film and have a beer don't have religion shoved in their face" (February 29).

And how sensible "to get away from the word 'church'". It would be a great mistake to have such a building associated with religion. Much more appealing to use it as the village pub. Will the vicar pull the pints? Perhaps the pulpit can be used for karaoke. No doubt the stained glass will be removed, as it must be far too religious.

Country Life magazine is holding a competition for the church which comes up with the boldest way to meet Sir Roy Strong's enthusiasm for turning churches into community buildings: Fernham will be a strong contender.

How broad-minded of the Archdeacon of Berkshire to be so keen on the proposal and what a splendid way to spend £90,000 of National Lottery money.

Peter Howell Oxford