A FREE exhibition featuring photos of Oxford University life by one of Britain’s best known photographers starts today.

The Bodleian Library is hosting the show by Martin Parr, who is president of world-famous agency Magnum Photos.

He spent three years documenting the annual traditions and eccentricities of staff and students at Oxford University.

Now 69 images are to go on display at the Bodleian’s Weston Library until October 22.

From 2014 to 2016 the photographer was given rare access to ceremonies and celebrations across the university.

These included graduations, balls and sporting events as well as behind-the-scenes student antics and rituals, ceremonies and age-old traditions.

Mr Parr also photographed academic life including tutorials, lectures and cutting-edge research activity.

He was able to record the many different quirks of university life that have rarely been seen or documented by those outside the institution.

Mr Parr said earlier: “I have long been fascinated by Oxbridge and when this opportunity arose to shoot a long-term project, looking behind the scenes at the secret life of Oxford University, I jumped at this challenge.”