WALLINGFORD RC enjoyed their most successful World Masters Regatta in Bled, Slovenia, recording a dozen wins, writes John Wiggins.

The club’s women were in tremendous form, with Charles Parry the sole male to enjoy success.

One of nearly 5,000 competitors, Parry raced in 12 events over the five days, in both his own age category (H) and the younger G events.

He collected six gold medals in doubles, fours, quads and eights, and finished second (G) and third (H) in the single sculls.

Wallingford’s women won six events, five of which included Rachel Edge, who showed her versatility in four different boat types from a double scull to an eight and in three age categories (C, D and E).

In the D quad she sculled with Julia Wilks and Alice Brown, who each had four wins, and Jenny Cameron-Bell, who triumphed three times.

Also with three wins to her name was club chairman, Katie Kapernaros, with one of her victories coming alongside Edge, Wilks and Brown in the D four.

Karen Walker featured in both victories in eights rowing, with Laura Forrest in the D eight and with Mary Miller, Rebecca Waller, Heather Ralphs and Alexandra Ferguson in the younger, C eight.

Coxes Rachael Haycock and Emily Booker were busy all week picking up wins with Wallingford as well as steering for other clubs.