KARL Robinson says he understands supporters’ concerns about Oxford United’s finances – but the head coach has been told there is no need to worry.

An overdue bill to HM Revenue & Customs, which prompted a winding-up petition, is believed to have been paid on Monday to end several weeks of uncertainty.

It was the second such occurrence to emerge since Sumrith ‘Tiger’ Thanakarnjanasuth’s takeover in February.

While the first, which was rectified quickly in March, might have been shrugged off as careless, the latest drawn-out issue has prompted far more anxiety among the fanbase.

Robinson appreciates the situation, which the head coach admits prompted him to seek reassurance from above, but he is satisfied with the response.

“That was a phone call I made to the club because I knew the players would ask that question when we came in,” he said.

“I was told categorically ‘do not worry 100 per cent, this will all be fine’.

“He (Tiger) almost laughed when I asked the question.

“There are just one or two complications in certain little things that we’re looking into and maybe changing to not let it happen again.”

He added: “We’re concerned that they (the fans) are concerned.

“That’s what we’re looking at, we’re having meetings this week and next week to see if we can be more open and allow people to know where we’re at.”

The second overpaid bill has been more perplexing, given it came after the addition of several investors on to the board.

But Robinson put it down to “teething problems”.

He said: “We’ve got a very wealthy support mechanism that’s trying to drive the club forward – whether that is with the under 23s, the training ground, different ways of dealing with stadium situations.

“There are so many things at this club people haven’t known about that we’re unearthing.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do.

“I’ve always said this was never a ‘click-your-fingers’ job.

“We all have aspirations of being at this football club in the Championship, but before we can reach that goal we have got a lot of teething problems.”

Tiger is yet to say anything publicly about the issue, although supporters’ trust OxVox, who on Sunday revealed concerns about the way the club was being run, informed members the U’s chairman had been in contact.

While he apologised for distress caused to supporters and confirmed the bill had been paid, the High Court yesterday confirmed to the Oxford Mail that HMRC are yet to file an application to withdraw the case, which is scheduled to be heard on December 19.

Robinson, though, is planning ahead to the January transfer window, where he is expecting to have money to spend.

He said: “I had a FaceTime (video call) with Tiger this morning about players we’re looking to buy in January.

“You can’t say whether we’ll get them or not, but there are funds available to do something.”