KIARASH Shaddel recorded a maximum as Forum C beat Rutherford 6-4 in Division 1 of the Oxford & District League.

Ross Henderson also contributed to the victory with two wins.

The result helped fourth-placed Forum close the gap on the top three, who were without a match, to five points.

Forum D swept aside bottom side Vikings A 8-2, with Peter Harris leading the way.

In Division 2, Forum F still top the table following an 8-2 victory at Gladiators B, thanks to a treble for Ed Lush.

Serogo Tabuni and Huw Morgan also recorded maximums as second-placed Vikings B brushed aside Forum E 9-1.

Vikings D cruised to victory in Division 3, beating Bicester D 9-1.



Div 1: Forum D 8 (P Harris 3), Vikings A 2; Forum C 6 (K Shaddel 3), RAL 4.

Div 2: Holton A 6, Forum G 4; Bicester B 5 (J Felton 3), Begbroke 5; Gladiators B 2, Forum F 8 (E Lush 3); Forum E 1, Vikings B 9 (S Tabuni 3, H Morgan 3); Forum H 5 (R Hambridge 3), Gladiators A 5.

Div 3: Vikings C 7 (P O’Regan 3, K Rae 3), Holton B 3; Vikings D 9 (V Coll 3, T Bachkirova 3, F Gu 3), Bicester D 1.