FORUM D became the first team to progress to the knockout stages of the Aubrey Hughes Handicap Shield when beating their H team by just four points.

Despite giving away a start of 94, John Barclay, Nick Langley and Pawel Zukowski steered the side to a 390-386 victory in Group 4 of the Oxford & District competition.

Bicester D won Group 7 after seeing off hosts Holton B 355-349.

The hosts started eight points in front, but Thomas Brennan, Jose Munoz Ruiz and Wendy Chapple secured victory.

In Group 5, British Rail came out on top after battling back to beat Holton C.

The hosts won 440-424, despite giving away a start of 282 points, to make it three wins from as many matches.

Vikings A overcame a similar deficit when beating Holton D 434-404 to win Group 3.

James Speedy, Simon Cox and Mike Aistrop shone to overhaul the visitors’ 246-point handicap.


Gladiators B 378, Vikings C 404 (+53); Vikings A 434, Holton D 404 (+246); Forum A 433, Bicester B 399 (+197); Holton A 379 (+102), Vikings B 415; Forum G 411, Bicester C 374 (+74); Vikings D 331(+30), Forum I 416; Forum E w/o Gladiators A 0.


Forum C v Forum D, Vikings A v Forum A, Bicester D v British Rail, Forum B v Forum I.