Oxford’s Hannah England said she was chuffed to have reached the final of the women’s 1500 metres in the World Championships in Deagu, South Korea.

In what, by her own admission, was not one of her better performances, the Oxford City star qualified as the faster of two fastest losers in 4:08:31.

The field was bunched until the bell, with England at the back. As she tried to overtake, she found her path blocked. Natalia Rodrigues, of Spain, won the heat, while Kenyans Nancy Langat and Viola Kibiwot both finished behind sixth-placed England and failed to make the final.

England said afterwards: “I can’t quite believe it, it is an amazing feeling and I am chuffed.

“I would have loved to have qualified automatically, but I will take that.

“I felt great, I just failed to get in any good positions – which is rubbish and I shouldn’t be running like that. At least I didn’t panic, but just kept running and looking for gaps. “I was a bit lucky, to be honest. My race plan was to be in a good position at the bell, cover the moves and not expend too much energy, but unfortunately, five other girls had that same plan.

“I kept trying to get round the outside, but everyone kept making moves and I was continually pushed inside, so I thought OK, I am going to run outside.

“It wasn’t a perfect race, I should have put myself in a better position but it was an alright race.”

The final is on Thursday (Sept 1) at 12.55pm.