WITNEY Mills cricketers say they were shocked by the incident that led to the abandonment of their Cherwell League match at home to Division 4 leaders Bicester & North Oxford on Saturday.

A flare-up occurred following a collision between a Witney batsman, who was going for a run, and a Bicester bowler.

Witney, chasing Bicester’s 261-8, were 107-6 at the time.

It is understood that no physical injuries were sustained.

“I can confirm that there was a simply awful and prolonged incident during our match,” said Mills captain Mike Dove.

“It has left the players, members and supporters of Witney Mills Cricket Club very upset, angry and in a state of shock.

“At this stage I think it best not to comment further on the matter.

“All the relevant reports have been submitted, and the matter is now being dealt with by the Cherwell League.”

One of the umpires, Mick Belcher, said: “I’ve never seen anything like it in more than 50 years of umpiring cricket.”

Bicester secretary Wes Kernaghan said: “We are still gathering detailed reports on the incident.

“When we receive them, we will take the appropriate action.”

League officials were unavailable to comment.