AIDEN Casey took an impressive haul of trophies at the second annual Oxfordshire Junior Festival.

He won all the events he entered at North Oxford, clinching the U14 and U16 singles and doubles titles.


8U Boys – Winner: V Marlin. Runner-up: G Ramsey. 8U Girls – Winner: A Cairns. Runner-up: A Zameel. 9U Mixed Singles – Winner: B Gils. Runner-up: D Gifford. 10U Boys – Winner: S Carlisle. Runner-up: M Gabriel. 10U Girls – Winner: J Pinner. Runner-up: M Andreeva. 10U Boys Doubles – Winner: K Khonsari & L Shirley. Runners-up: B Hunter & L Hunter. 12U Boys – Winner: A Manson. Runner-up: B Hornby. 12U Girls – Winner: M Ustic. Runner-up: A Schlepphorst. 12U Boys Doubles – Winner: X Cao & A Pinner. Runners-up: M Bowles & S Davies. 14U Boys – Winner: A Casey. Runner-up: S Muller. 14U Boys Doubles – Winner: A Casey & C Yeates. Runners-up: S Muller & R Read 14U Girls – Winner: P Radan. Runner-up: E Cairns. 14U Girls Doubles – Winner: A Hodges & H Craig. Runners-up: E Cairns & S Wright. 14U Mixed Doubles – Winner: A Casey & C Elliott. Runners-up: C Yeates & M Shakespeare. 16U Boys – Winner: A Casey. Runner-up: O Broadhurst. 16U Girls – Winner: C Elliott. Runner-up: P Radan. 18U Boys – Winner: L Manson. Runner-up: G Mobey. 18U Boys Doubles – Winner: N Batstone & L Manson. Runners-up: M Chopping & G Mobey. 18U Girls Doubles – Winner: C Elliott & S Gujral. Runners-up: R Jagger & H Sheeran-Hall. Family Doubles – Winners: A Manson & C Manson. Runners-up: S Muller & C Muller.