IT’S a film most famous for its notorious shower scene.

But the last time Alfred Hitchcock’s horror movie Psycho was shown in Abingdon the most famous section in which Janet Leigh is stabbed in a shower was cut out.

Now a new showing of the 1960 film is being screened by Abingdon College and District Film Society.

Committee member Mike Bloom said: “We last showed Psycho back in the 1980s, but when we showed the film we discovered that a fan had snipped out the shower scene before splicing the film back together.

“It wasn’t the distributor, so it must have been a fan who did it – someone obviously wanted a souvenir.

“People who came along were pretty angry about it but we can laugh about it now.

“All our equipment is now digital, so the film will definitely include the shower scene this time round.”

The society is moving from its base at the college in Wootton Road to the Resource and Wellbeing Centre off Audlett Drive.

Mr Bloom, 67, is one of the founder members of the society.

It has about 80 members and is appealing for more people to join.

The new venue will accommodate 100 filmgoers, with the club continuing to show several films a month, including those with sub-titles and one silent movie a year.

Psycho is being shown on Thursday at 7.45pm.