A MOTHER saved her children from the fire in a tower block in Wood Farm.

As reported in yesterday’s Oxford Mail, firefighters were called to Foresters Tower, right, at about 5pm on Tuesday.

Crews discovered there had been a fire involving an oven on the 12th floor.

They said the mother closed the kitchen door, preventing fire and smoke spreading throughout the flat, and led her four children out of the flat to safety. She was checked over, but was released unharmed.

Watch Manager Shaun Betts said: “The working smoke detector did its job by raising the alarm at the fire’s very early stage. This gave the family valuable time to get out of the flat.”

The fire service urged people to remember to check their smoke alarms work and to make an escape plan so that everyone knows what to do if a fire breaks out.

For advice visit the website365alive.co.uk, call 08000 325 999 or email community.safety@ oxfordshire.gov.uk