YOUNGSTERS in Wolvercote and North Oxford have been taking part in a film project to highlight the importance of their social club.

They have been putting together the film with the support of professional actors and filmmakers.

About 10 youngsters, aged 11 to 18, have been working on the film, called Lost Generation.

Tom Brooks, of Inspiring Drama acting school, which runs film and TV workshops, said: “The aim is to use film to give young people confidence and we try to explore issues that are important to them.

“We find film is a good medium for them to explore themselves.

“After the first project we did last October two of the people who took part went into full-time education afterwards.

“I have been working with them over 10 weeks. The story for the film comes from the work they do in the acting sessions and issues they are struggling with.”

The film the group has come up with is a comedy drama about Wolvercote Young People’s Club closing down, and it is expected to be completed by December, with filming taking place next Saturday and Sunday.

As well as coming up with the film’s plot and acting in it, the youngsters will also help to edit their creation and turn it into something fit for the silver screen.

Oxfordshire’s Positive Activities Fund has given the scheme £6,000.

The Wolvercote club offers youngsters aged between seven and 19 the chance to take part in a wide range of activities including cooking and street dance.

The St Peter’s Road club, which was formed as a charity in 1939 by a group of parents and members of the community, has been hit by cuts in Oxfordshire County Council funding.

The crisis became so severe that it faced closure in 2011.

But 230 supporters signed a three-year pledge to give £100 a year, giving the club enough cash, a promised £69,000, to recruit a new youth worker and administrator.