BICESTER mayor Melanie Magee and her Cavalier spaniel, Hazel, joined dog-walkers at the launch of a new fun walk.

The event is scheduled for Good Friday and is a three-mile route around Bicester starting at Garth Park at 10am in aid of Medical Detection Dogs – a charity close to Mrs Magee’s heart.

The charity trains dogs to help people with life-threatening conditions.

Last year after suffering a diabetic hypoglycaemia, where blood sugar levels get dangerously low, the mayor was discovered by one of her spaniels. She said: “When I came round I was drowsy, but managed to get myself some lucozade.”

She has backed the charity since last May saying: “I just think it is amazing.

“The cancer detection work they do is very worthwhile.”

Mrs Magee launched the walk last Friday with Serena Courtney, 40, from Ambrosden.

Mrs Courtney’s 11-year-old son Steven has type 1 diabetes and their loving dog, Molly, helps him to monitor his blood sugar levels.

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