A DONKEY sanctuary caring for 125 donkeys has been given more than £500.

Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary, in Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, was handed £505 by the Wallingford-based Inner Wheel Club of Sinodun.

The money was raised through a club Christmas raffle and presented to the charity this month.

Club president Pat Brumfitt, from Norries Drive, Wallingford, said: “There are some donkeys that arrive in a really bad condition with their hooves overgrown who look very bony, but they take them in and care for them and they turn out to be very happy donkeys.

“We thought it was a really nice idea with it being raised around Christmas to pick the donkey charity.

“Some of the donkeys have roles in the nativity plays around Wallingford.”

The club’s vice-president Eira Hoare, from Brookmead Drive, Wallingford, added: “Some of them have been badly neglected. I can’t bear to see them ill-treated.”

The charity has been rescuing and caring for donkeys for 23 years.

In 2010 the sanctuary secured £75,000 in a fundraising drive which went towards building a 140ft-long shelter for 80 donkeys and a visitor centre.