A PENSIONER left without central heating for almost two weeks may get a new boiler today.

Jeannie Thornhill, 66, told the Oxford Mail how she had felt let down by Sovereign Housing Association because her boiler at her home in Coupland Road, Wootton, near Abingdon was broken.

She said the firm shut off her boiler on January 23, leaving her with an electric heater and no hot water.

Sovereign spokesman Roy Probert said: “While conducting an annual gas safety check, our engineer discovered that the flue pipe in the loft space had started to corrode.

“He deemed the boiler to be dangerous and shut it down.

“He offered alternative heating. As the home had a combination boiler, we were unable to provide an alternative form of hot water.

“It became evident other parts of the flue had worn, so we decided to install a replacement boiler.”

He said yesterday: “Our contractor is conducting a survey today with a view to installing the boiler tomorrow.

“We regret any inconvenience caused to Ms Thornhill.”