SIX women were treated to a pub lunch after being unable to attend a Christmas party hosted by a charity which works with the elderly.

The lunch took place last Tuesday at the Bay Tree in Grove, near Wantage, and was hosted by the charity Age UK.

Lizzie Philpott, community development worker at Age UK, said: “We had been given money by Waitrose to help isolated people in the area, and we held a Christmas lunch.

“Unfortunately there was a mix-up with dates.

“Instead, we invited them as special guests for a pub lunch that happens every other Tuesday.”

One of the guests of honour was Pam Jones.

She said: “We were invited along to the Christmas party but somehow we were told the wrong date.

“It was disappointing at the time but this lunch made up for it.”

Ms Jones, 68, said: “They saved our Christmas hamper for us, and it was a nice lunch.”

Ms Philpott added: “We played games and did bingo. It’s nice for people to realise there’s somewhere safe for them to go out.”