THE PROSECUTION of scrap metal workers by police has been a waste of taxpayers’ money, the firm’s solicitor has said.

Two workers from Nuneham Courtenay firm TR Rogers and Sons have had their names cleared on appeal after they were convicted in an undercover police sting operation targeting stolen metal.

Martin Pace, 37, and Simon Rogers, 44, had claimed they were victims of “entrapment” when undercover officers targeted the business in 2012.

An Oxford Crown Court jury returned two guilty verdicts out of a possible 14 following the trial, which is thought to have cost more £98,000.

The Appeal Court judges said the offences were unsustainable in law and the original trial should have been thrown out.

The metal dealing firm’s solicitor James Reilly, of Lewis Nedas Law, said yesterday: “Our client’s good character has been restored. Mr Simon Rogers had only ever assisted the police.

“He and the other members of staff who were charged have suffered a two-year ordeal that has finally come to an end.

“The real question must be why this prosecution was brought against a hard-working family man who is respected within the trade and well known for his honesty and decency.

“TR Rogers and Sons didn’t have any stolen goods in their yard. The whole investigation was a waste of taxpayers’ money.

“The police should question their role in this prosecution.”

Thames Valley Police spokeswoman Rhianne Pope yesterday said: “We are liaising closely with the Crown Prosecution Service and considering whether to appeal the ruling. As no decision has been made on whether an appeal will be made, it is inappropriate to comment further at this stage.”