A DIDCOT mother whose daughter was left severely disabled after being starved of oxygen at birth is seeking £300,000 in compensation.

Matilda Hunt-Brough wants money from Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust after daughter Abigail, five, suffered brain damage, hearing loss and developmental delay.

The Trust has admitted liability for her injuries and “apologised” for failures in care.

The two sides are thought to be unable to agree on how much compensation should be given.

Mrs Hunt-Brough, 38, of Loyd Road, says her daughter’s injuries were caused by negligent medical treatment at Wallingford Maternity Unit on June 22, 2008. She was admitted to the unit in labour, when her unborn baby’s heart rate was too fast, and said she should have been transferred immediately to Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital.

Instead, she remained at the midwifery unit, and the baby’s heart wasn’t monitored correctly, it is alleged. The claim states that if the baby’s heart rate had been monitored continuously it would have showed abnormalities and Abigail would have been delivered before she suffered any permanent brain damage.

Abigail’s heart was not beating when she was delivered and she was not breathing.

Medical staff resuscitated her and she was rushed to the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Doctors treating her at the Special Care Baby Unit at the JR said she went on to suffer acute renal failure, liver failure and convulsions.

Mrs Hunt-Brough is seeking the cost of care, case management and medical expenses.

Spokeswoman for the Trust Stephanie Clark said the trust had made a written apology and confirmed a claim for compensation had been registered.