A CARER has considered moving after vandals repeatedly targeted her car.

Mum-of-two Donna Underhill, who lives in Ladywell Close, North Leigh, near Witney, says her tyres have recently been punctured for the fourth time.

It followed other incidents in the last two years including insults scratched into the bonnet and roof of her Renault Clio and marking it with a key.

She said: “It’s upsetting. Apart from the fact that it’s costing me a small fortune, I’m a carer in the community and I need my car for work.

“Elderly people rely on me to get to them and I can’t because of mindless people doing this.”

The first incident was in 2012 when Mrs Underhill, 43, vented her frustration at youngsters walking on the road while she was driving, forcing her to brake.

She believes they followed her home because she saw them watching her from the end of the street when she left her house a few minutes later.

Two days later Mrs Underhill found her car bonnet had been marked with the word ‘slag’.

Within two months every panel of her car had been keyed.

Six months ago, her 16-year-old daughter Suzanna noticed youngsters glaring at Mrs Underhill during a shopping trip.

This was followed by another attack on her vehicle, in which the word ‘slag’ was again marked on her roof and bonnet.

Since December, her tyres have been slashed three times and a tyre punctured once.

Mrs Underhill and husband Ian, who also have a son Harry, 13, have lived in the village since 1994 but she admits she has thought about moving.

She said: “I have no proof it is those youths but I’ve not done anything to upset anyone else.

“It’s intimidating. We can’t afford to move and why should we have to? I would be lying if I said it hasn’t crossed my mind.”

Mrs Underhill has spent nearly £1,000 on respraying her car and replacing or repairing tyres.

She said: “Being a carer I can’t park my car outside elderly people’s houses with those words written on the car.”

  • Eynsham area PCSO Helen Keen urged anyone with information to call police on 101.