MORE volunteers are needed following a successful tree-planing event in Fry’s Hill Park, Blackbird Leys.

It was the first step in a new scheme run by The Conservation Volunteers to renovate parks in the area.

Monique van Assouw, community project officer for The Conservation Volunteers, said: “Twenty people helped and we planted 250 trees. It would have been great if more people had come, but it’s not going to bring us down.”

She added: “It was a great start to the project, and I hope that our next event will attract more people.”

Mother and son, Emma and Alex Bolam, who live opposite Fry’s Hill Park, were among those who planted trees in the sunshine.

Ms Bolam said: “It’s a lovely bit of land. It just needs a bit of attention. There are so many possibilities for it.”

The Oxford University scientist added: “People just need to get out there and help. Take a bit more pride in their area.”

Five-year-old Alex said: “I really had fun planting the trees. I wanted to give the trees a new chance in life.”