A LIBERAL Democrat town councillor, whose father represents the party in the House of Lords, has resigned and defected to form a Bicester Independent group.

Nick Cotter, a Lib Dem for about 30 years, said he was “disillusioned” and “ashamed” of some of the national policies the party had backed.

Mr Cotter, a Bicester town councillor, will join Les Sibley to form a Bicester Independent group.

The lawyer, a former Cherwell Lib Dem leader until he lost his seat in 2011, said initially he was proud to see his party in Government, but was increasingly unhappy with controversial decisions it backed, including the bedroom tax, cuts and tuition fees.

He said: “I appreciate that with only 57 MPs the Lib Dems could not push through all their policies, but in my view very, very few have seen the light of day.”

He said Government cuts had targeted society’s most vulnerable.

His father Brian, a former Weston-super-Mare MP, has a seat in the Lords.

John Innes, chairman of Banbury Lib Dems, said: “I respect Nick’s views and value him as a friend, though I will not be making the same decision.”