MATTHEW Arnold School in Cumnor has kitted its music room out with £20,000-worth of jampods, recording hubs with electric drums, keyboards, guitars and microphones.

All of the sound goes through an iPad and a mixing desk, so there can be a dozen bands playing at the same time and none of them can hear each other. Head of music Jason Greenwell says it is every music teacher’s “dream classroom”.

And after Easter, the school will be renting out its facilities to local primary schools and budding pop stars in the “Jampod Academy”.

For £50 an hour, musicians will be able to get expert tutelage on using the Jampods and make and record their own hits.

Last week, the school launched the academy with a visit from session musician to the stars, Luke Edwards, keyboard player for Tiny Tempah and Labyrinth.

Matthew Arnold student, Robin Robinson, 13, said: “It’s good because you can practise quietly in your band and record yourself easily.”